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Oct 28, 2012 7:45pm EDT
on the book the obama -- the campaign was saying we have a strategy to win without ohio and you guys are crazy. barack obama one no white working-class and ohio. you can't give up on ohio and subsequently the president is leading in ohio. so, i think that a lot of the pessimism of even a year ago where people were saying you've just got to go for this exclusively for this new democratic coalition that's coming to an upcoming young white voters, some unmarried white women that non-white i don't think it is big enough or mobilized enough yet. it's crazy to write off people who used to be part of your base and whose economic concerns mirror that of the rest of the country. there is a multiracial appeal at this point that the president can make to their economic interest as well and he has been making that. i would argue that some of his improvements in the white working class is obviously met -- mitt romney and paul ryan. but he is a -- his message has become more populous and he's articulated this notion that we are all in it together and that is the society that we stand for rotterdam this winn
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
to undermine obama's message that the although bailouts were great for the state of ohio. that has proven to be very, very strongly that for the president. something that has vaulted him up among voters who he probably -- who he is not doing well with when other parts of the country, this sort of white working-class voters in specifically northeastern ohio. those voters are the ones who benefit the most from the success of the auto companies. so now the republicans need to sort of base that argument. they need to make it known to other ohio voters the although bailout was and great for the state and didn't do everything it possibly could. this is -- the advertisements are running is based on the bloomberg report that has been since corrected. it's not good for the campaign to have the ceos of two major companies, car companies in ohio in the state where 100 something thousand jobs are based on the auto industry coming out saying this claim isn't true. we aren't going to build jeep silver and china or ship jobs overseas. not a fight the romney campaign wants to have but they have to have b
Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
obama winning by ten percentage points. unemployment in the state essentially mirroring what we have nation wild, 8.2% -- nationwide, 8.2%. terry madonna, neighboring ohio is getting an awful lot of attention with its 18 electoral votes. what is so different between ohio and pennsylvania that makes the buckeye state more of a battleground than pennsylvania at least at the moment? >> guest: yeah. yeah, well, the essential difference is that ohio has a good many be more sort of moderate independent voters at this point which are likely to vote either republican or democrat. as i pointed out a moment ago, the reason the democrats have done well is they've captured the suburbs of our state in these last, in the presidential elections in recent years, and that's been the defining difference. you've got that big swath of in the middle of ohio in columbus that is the battleground area there. obviously, with the cleveland area up in the northeastern part of the state being democratic and the cincinnati part out in the southwest being more republican, ohio just has a larger pool of these swin
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
the federal government closed today. president obama announcing a while ago that he is staying in washington today and canceling planned appearances in ohio tomorrow. those announced they would cancel those tomorrow. the country coming back into working order with air traffic resuming leader. the airports and also the early sector resume tomorrow in the state of maryland. the president already declaring earlier stage of the sastre new york and new jersey and cnn reporting the u.s. death toll from the hurricane is now at 21 with ten of those in new york city. soa look here at the white house on a rainy and windy tuesday one week to election day and now through election day you can watch our coverage of the presidential candidates and the dates from key house senate and governor's races from around the country. and a look at what is ahead here on c-span2 today. up next conference on the implementation of the dodd-frank -- that will be followed by a panel discussion on national security up next the george town hall university's center for law, economics and finance recently held a conference on
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4